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2015 Spirit of the Box Award

Below is the presentation that was made to CFR athlete Trish Smith during at the 2015 Holiday Bash.

The next person that we are going to honor today could have easily been recognized with either of the first two athletes. This person is definitely a soldier inside this box. She also displays perseverance and progress on a regular basis. To honor this next athlete I have a short run down that will describe what she means to Sheryl, myself, and CrossFit Rockdale as a whole.Trish,

  • The day that you walked through those doors and came on board with us I knew that we were going to make it and everything was going to be fine

  • You’re our mom when our mom isn’t around

  • You’re peaceful when things are hectic

  • You’re joyous when our spirits aren’t as high as they should be

  • You care so freaking much

  • You destroyed your ankles playing soccer (HaHa)

  • You’re strong

  • You’re athletic

  • You’re determined

  • You’re passionate about the way you perform

  • You sacrifice your performance to help all of us

  • You’re selfless

  • You’re kind

  • You’re deep

  • You’re silly

  • You’re funny

  • You’re the only person I know that drinks HEMP and works out (HaHa)

  • You’re patient

  • You give really good advice

  • You don’t know a stranger

  • You make everyone feel at home here at CFR

  • You’re a mother

  • You’re a wife

  • You’re a partner

  • You make really tasty vegan food (HaHa)

  • Trish, you are what we want this box to be about, you are the SPIRIT OF THE BOX!

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