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2018 Dedication & Commitment

Below is the presentation that was made to CFR athlete Dorothy Raines at the 2018 Holiday Bash.

The first person that we are going to recognize today is being recognized for a near four-year CrossFit journey. She is being recognized for her Dedication and Commitment to her health and fitness.

She has been with us almost the entire time CrossFit Rockdale has been in existence. Over the last three plus years she has gone long stretches working out by herself in the 6:30pm class. I’m pretty sure that she is tickled pink now when she has ten plus athletes training with her in that class.

She has some of the strongest fortitude in the box. She consistently comes to class 3 times a week. Sometimes, she pulls in the parking lot on two wheels so that she isn’t late. Then, when the WOD is over she hangs out, chats everyone up, and basically closes the box down every night. I’m pretty sure that she loves it here.

As I said last year about Mr. Nathan Read whom received this award:

She’s not the best athlete in the box. She’s not the strongest athlete in the box (well, hell, I don’t about that). She’s not the youngest athlete in the box. She’s not going to WOW any of us with her stellar technique.

However, she will WOW you with her Dedication and Commitment. She’s dedicated and committed to consistently coming to class. She’s dedicated and committed to working her butt off each and every day. She’s dedicated and committed to the box, her health, and her fitness.

So, without further delay, everyone help me recognize the recipient of this year’s award for “Dedication and Commitment”, Ms. Dorothy Raines.

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