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2018 Trust the Process

The following is the award presented to James Cash II at the 2018 Holiday Bash.

The next award is going to be presented to a CFR athlete but could very easily be given to the family and loved ones of this athlete as well. These family members and loved ones have supported this athlete relentlessly making the reception of this award possible.

This award and/or recognition that we are about to deliver is a first of its kind. We’ve never had an award quite like this one. In fact, we’ve never had an athlete like the one receiving this recognition either.

In a day in age where people want things right away. They want instant results. They want to blink, snap, click their heels together, or whatever else they can think of and instantaneously have what they want. This award praises just the opposite. This award is called our “Trust the Process” award.

One of the funniest things about presenting this award is that we are presenting it to a young man that came to us as a boy. Young men and definitely boys these days aren’t usually patient. They don’t usually follow instruction well. They don’t usually listen well. They don’t usually have structure and discipline. They usually lack the vision and faith to see the destiny that awaits them if they are disciplined and work hard.

So, I’m particularly proud and happy of the young man that we are recognizing right now. It has been such a pleasure watching him grow and mature right before our eyes. In particular, his focus on doing what he needs to do to achieve his personal goals. I want everyone here to understand something. This young man came to us as a tall, skinny, not overly athletic athlete with so many flaws and obstacles to overcome. I believe I’ve given him every single CrossFit homework assignment that’s out there. And, he’s done every single bit of it without question. In fact, he still does things to this day that were given to him as homework when he first got here.

I share that last part with you so that everyone here and everyone that ever reads this online understands to never give up. Don’t ever think it’s too late to get in shape. Don’t ever think it’s too late to become the fittest that you’ve ever been. Don’t ever think you can’t do CrossFit. Don’t ever think that you can’t do anything that you want.

The young man that we are about to announce has followed every single piece of advice that Sheryl, the coaching staff, and I have ever given him. He has shown up and pushed himself hard when his body was exhausted. He has been here pushing hard when there was no one to chase or try and beat. He has been diligent about getting his extra work in that ensures he remains one of the best CrossFitters in the state of Georgia.

So, without further delay, everyone in attendance please let Mr. James Edward Cash II motivate you to Keep Moving, Keep Growing, and Keep Learning just as he has done.

Please put your hands together for James Cash II our 2018 Trust the Process award recipient.

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