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2016 Box Soldier Award

Below is the presentation that was made to CFR Coach Sergio Gaona at the 2016 Holiday Bash.


When a soldier finds out they have to go to battle they get nervous. That soldier quickly replaces that fear with determination to be committed. They know that they are committed to something bigger than themselves. So they strap up their boots, grab their bag, and head to the battle field. Once they reach the battle field they are determined to see the mission through. No injury, no ailment, no amount of fatigue can make them abandon the mission.

Right now I would like to recognize Sergio Gaona as CrossFit Rockdale’s 2016 “Box Soldier”.

In the very beginning of Sergio’s CF Journey it was routine to see him exhausted, sweaty, with pursed blue lips grinding his way through a workout. He’s been shut down on his fair share of WODs. There have been several times where he had to be stopped for his own good.

Sergio is a warrior! I’ve been concerned on numerous occasions that he would just keep going until his body wouldn’t allow him to go any more.

Serg is tough!

Serg is committed!

Serg is Compassionate!

Serg is a Teammate!

Serg is a Coach!

Serg is a Student!

Serg is and always will be a Soldier!

The mark of our “Box Soldier” is that they continue to show up and complete the mission day in and day out.

Sergio it has been a pleasure seeing you grow as a CrossFitter and as a coach. Thank you for your dedication to CFRockdale.

Sergio Gaona

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