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2016 Inner Badass Award

Below is the presentation that was made to CFR athlete Aubrey Harris at the 2016 Holiday Bash.


The next award that we are going to present is new and this will probably be the only time it’s ever presented. It’s a very unique award. Its recipient has a very special set of core values.We call them her Badass Core Values.

Those values are:

1. GOAL CRUSHING ATTITUDE: She has the courage to start and the resilience to finish. She pushes herself to the edge so that she knows where the edge is. She has the heart and spirit of a champion.

2. APPETITE FOR LEARNING: She is continuously curious. She will meekly ask questions. She loves pushing her knowledge to new depths. She believes that it is through learning that she is able to grow. She refuses to stay the same.

3. GRATITUDE: She is thankful for the small things. She will over-deliver when she can. She is helpful and gives back to our box with her sweet personality. She will pull as hard for others as she will herself.

The young lady that we are talking about has puked in the parking lot a couple of times.

She’s cried because of how fatigued she felt.

She’s had a near break down at the Chic-Fil-A because of how she felt after working out. That’s true. Sheryl had to go by and check on her.

She’s made us say “Is she going to make it?”

She’s proven herself over the last year.

She’s as tough and determined as anyone I know.

She is without a doubt one of the sweetest people I know.

For all these reasons we want to present Aubrey Harris with the 2016 Inner Badass award.

Aubrey Harris you have officially found your inner badass!

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