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2016 Perseverance and Progress Award

Below is the presentation that was made to CFR Athlete Moreblessing "MB" Dzivakwe at the 2016 Holiday Bash.📷​​SMLXL📷

What is perseverance?

  • Staying with the task and not giving up

  • Demonstrating commitment, pride, and a positive attitude in completing a task

  • Working hard without giving up

  • Having the inner strength to pursue a goal or task

  • Pursuing worthy objectives with determination and patience, while exhibiting fortitude when confronted with failure

What does perseverance look like/sound like?

  • Spending time practicing a skill

  • Trying something new that is very difficult, and not giving up

  • Having to overcome personal obstacles to reach a goal

  • Finding ways to overcome obstacles in reaching a goal

  • Believing a goal can be met, even when success doesn't come easily

  • Learning from past mistakes and avoiding the same mistakes in the future

The next athlete I would like to recognize just might be our most improved athlete over the last year.

When she first arrived at CFR she wasn’t much of an athlete. She wasn’t in great shape. She was kind of awkward. She couldn’t workout for more than a minute or two without being exhausted.

From day one we knew she was committed. We knew she was determined to get better. We have witnessed her perseverance 3 or 4 times a week for the last year. Her perseverance has allowed her to make so much progress. So much PROGRESS!

Without a doubt, the only thing that matches her perseverance is her attitude. She is always happy. She is always positive. She is always smiling.

Oh yeah, and I love the way she says “What’s Up Coach” with her distinct accent.

Without further delay please help us recognize Moreblessing “MB” Dzivakwe for her Perseverance and Progress.

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