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2016 Spirit of the Box Award

Below is the presentation that was made to CFR athlete Rick Franklin at the 2016 Holiday Bash. 📷​​SMLXL📷

Alright, last but not least! This next award is by far the most special to Sheryl and I. It’s special because this award can only go to someone that could qualify for all the honors handed out today. This person single handedly motivates US (CFR staff). This person’s attitude, personality, and character makes coaching here easy and very enjoyable. This person is a reflection of exactly what CrossFit Rockdale is all about.

We feel that the best way for you to understand why this person is so special to the box is by reading the review that they left for the box.

I walked into CrossFit Rockdale a year ago. I had been doing obstacle course racing (Spartan Race, Savage Race, etc.) and wanted to take my performance to the next level. When I sat down with Coach LA he told me “Give me six months and you will see a difference. Give me a year and you will be in the best shape of your life at a time when you shouldn't be!" At the time I was 42. Many would say that I was past my prime. Not LA. LA knew what I didn't. CrossFit will change you. If you stay consistent and put in the work you will become more. Under the guidance of LA and his team I am now in the best shape of my life. I run multiple races in a weekend and sometimes do two grueling workouts back to back. I train most days and feel better than I did in my twenties. The crazy thing is....I know I can be so much more. I can't wait to see what my fitness level will be a year from now.

Another truly awesome thing about CrossFit is the community. We are like family. I am as excited about the progress of my fellow athletes as I am my own. I have witnessed tremendous accomplishments in my time at CFR. If you are looking to join a box and begin your CrossFit transformation, visit a few boxes to determine which one is right for you. But I recommend coming to CFR last, because once you come to CFR you won't go anywhere else!

For the few that may not know, Rick Franklin wrote that. That is him. When you watch him train you can tell that he really wants to finish his workout fast, but only because he wants to come stand beside someone and help them finish their wod.

Rick, the smile that sits atop your skinny muscular frame accompanied by the energy and exuberance that you show up with daily has inspired and motivated the athletes here as well as the entire CFR staff. For that we are so so thankful.

Everybody, please stand, clap, and help me honor this year’s recipient of the “2016 Spirit of the Box” award, Rick Franklin.

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