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2017 Perseverance and Progress

Below is the presentation that was made to CFR athlete Anne Marie Nangle at the 2017 Holiday Bash.📷​​SMLXL📷 In the past we’ve defined Perseverance as a steadfastness in doing something despite difficulty or delay in achieving success. We’ve said that perseverance is:

  • Staying with the task and not giving up

  • Demonstrating commitment, pride, and a positive attitude in completing a task

  • Working hard without giving up

  • Having the inner strength to pursue a goal or task

  • Having to overcome personal obstacles to reach a goal

  • Finding ways to overcome obstacles in reaching a goal

We’ve defined Progress as forward or onward movement toward a destination. The final athlete that we are going to recognize will be touted for their “Perseverance & Progress”. This is the third time that we’ve made this recognition. Each of the past two years this person could have been the recipient of this recognition. So, this year’s recognition is more of a “CrossFit Career” recognition for “Perseverance & Progress”. The person that we are about to recognize is awesome. I am so proud of her. I honestly think that she and I were meant to be brother and sister. We give each other a tough time just about every day. Over the past few years, here are a few things that I’ve learned about her.

  • She hates burpees more than I do and that’s very hard to do

  • She’s a heck of an athlete

  • She does CrossFit because she knows it’s good for her. That’s really funny because, I’m sure that she hates it a lot of times.

  • She’s a LADY. She is an honorable and respectable lady with morals and principle.

  • She is a MOTHER. She’s not a single mom. However, a substantial portion of the time that I’ve known her she’s had to be both mom and dad while her husband was overseas working. Kudos for that!

  • She is simply a GOOD PERSON!

I could go on and on talking about this young lady. She’s family to us. Without further ado please stand, clap, and help us recognize Maria Caldwell for her Perseverance and Progress for the last three years.

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