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2017 Workhorse

Below is the presentation that was made to CFR athlete Anne Marie Nangle at the 2017 Holiday Bash.

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The next award that we are going to present is new and this will probably be the only time it’s ever presented. It’s a very unique award. Its recipient has a very special trait. We call her a “Workhorse”.

A workhorse is someone who does all the gritty, hard, nasty, non-glorious, grunt work.... the one that’s always digging deep and being scrappy even when no one is watching. A workhorse is someone who can’t be held back by ailment, injury, or fatigue. A work horse is someone who shows up consistently and GETS WORK DONE!

When everyone else pauses during WODs and takes a breather they have the pleasure of looking over at our workhorse as she plows through a workout.

Just in case you don’t know who I’m talking about, let me introduce you to CrossFit Rockdale’s 2017 “Workhorse” award recipient Anne Marie Nangle.

When Anne Marie first came on board with us we could tell immediately that she was driven. We could tell that she was a leader. We could tell that she was comfortable being in charge.

What we didn’t see right away was just how driven she was. Anne Marie is the type of athlete that we have preached to the coaching staff about. We have to protect Anne Marie from Anne Marie sometimes. She is so driven and focused on performing well and working hard that she could literally hurt herself doing so.

Anne Marie, you are strong! You are energetic. Your nose is always to the grindstone. Most of all you are an inspiration to me and so many more. I wish that I could display the heart and drive that you display each and every day that you come in to train.

Anne Marie, thank you for the effort that you put in each and every day. Your hard work does not go unnoticed.

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