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No Fear

Fear of failure can do many things to us and most of them are almost never positive in their outcome. Being dominated by our fear of failure is no way to live – especially when it comes to our efforts to become healthy and fit. I have sabotaged many goals and choices over the years because of my fear of failure. Most of the time I have never been clear on just why I fear failure. Somehow it takes a hold of me and I do not step boldly into a successful outcome. I believe that I am not the only one.

I believe we are inherently capable of being great and doing great things, but we can, and do sabotage ourselves by letting our fear of failure control our behavior and our choices. This is no way to live!

So, in 2018 we won’t live like this! In 2018 we will not be afraid to fail. We will not be afraid to set goals. We will not be afraid to make ourselves vulnerable and let our fitness goals be known. We will grab that chalk and write our goals on the board for everyone to see. Then we will embrace the challenge of our goals and strive everyday to achieve them. We will have “No Fear” of failure in 2018!

So, as we begin this new year take time to reflect on your journey so far and ask yourself one simple question: “Have I come close to reaching my potential or am I letting fear of failure sabotage my ability to achieve every single goal that I have?” Take time to answer this question and address the needs you must have to thrive physically, mentally and emotionally so that you can set in motion your journey to success and fulfillment. Life is always lived from the “inner to the outer” not the other way around. We can never access our “greater good” by FOLLOWING others. We CAN serve as examples of what is possible but each of us must find our own path to pursue and this path is not mine – it is YOURS.

Love your uniqueness and praise your gifts and never allow yourself to stay in negative thinking. “Get over yourself” and remember we are here to accomplish something great for ourselves and others. We are here to SERVE, and we cannot do our part if we are weak and scared.

With all that being said, I’d like to share with you CFRockdale’s theme for the year 2018. It is “No Fear”. We will use the hash tag #NoFear when posting all of our success stories on social media. 2018 is the year that we stare our fear of failure in the face and rise above it. We will have “No Fear” of failure in 2018!

We Will Achieve All Of Our Goals!

Happy New Year CrossFit Rockdale

Coach L.A.

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