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Elephant Bites

So the question is: How do you eat an ELEPHANT? Yeah, I know. What a weird question! So what if I told you that the elephant is the giant task ahead of you with regards to weight loss, muscle gain, performance, skill achievement, or whatever goals you’ve set for yourself in this New Year.

The answer to my question is: One bite at a time! These bites are what you’re going to do day to day, little by little, step by step to get you where you want to be. These are by far the most resourceful rituals and habits to engage in. It may seem like you’re tippy toeing but I ensure you that you will get there.

Elephant bites are simple. In my experience I’ve found that the simpler I make things the better things turn out. If there is a complex problem or situation ahead of me, I attempt to break it down into multiple simple situations and then knock them out one by one. It’s not as stressful and it gives me multiple victories or a sense of achievement along the way.

So as we move along in this New Year please help me embrace our CATCH PHRASE for the year 2016. The only way to eat an elephant is one bite at a time! #elephantbites

Happy New Year and I look forward to witnessing all your achievements during this new year.

Coach L.A.

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