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 ​​ Progress not perfection!

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The look I get every time I vocalize this statement to someone for the first time is crazy. I get looks that range from “What the heck did you say” to “That’s pretty deep”. The fact is that these three words placed together in this way is the best way for anyone to approach their CrossFit life.

All of us begin our CrossFit journey with some type of goal. Some want to make the CrossFit games while some want to simply lose some unwanted weight. Initially moving towards our goals happens at a rapid pace. We achieve PR after PR, lose pound after pound, or increase our one rep max time after time. Then out of nowhere we encounter that proverbial CrossFit road block. For most of us this arrives nowhere near our ultimate goal. We continue to show up and grind out WOD’s because we’ve fallen in love with CrossFit and our box. All along, internally we are becoming more and more frustrated with our journey. So, what do we do?

I equate this CrossFit road block to one that we might encounter in the “real world”. When you’re cruising down the road at a good pace, good song jamming on the radio, and all of a sudden break light after break light sits ahead of you. It’s a genuine road block! It seems like you’re going nowhere super-fast. All you want to do is hit the hovercraft button and fly over the top of this road block en route to your destination (goal). The fact of the matter is that inch by inch, foot by foot, yard by yard, and car by car you will eventually move in the forward direction and eventually be on the other side of the road block.

Patience is the key to progress in CrossFit and progress is the key to perfection. If we show up at the box on a daily basis and make progress, we have won! It is by day after day after day of progress that we move closer to our goals and eventually achieve them all.

So when I say “Progress not perfection”, I’m not saying “don’t shoot for perfection”. I’m saying don’t forget about consistent progress. It is paramount to success in life and CrossFit. Celebrate progress, no matter if it’s a foot, a yard, or a car at a time!

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